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Since the first time Jesse Richman had a kite in his hands at the age of 9 years old he knew that he wanted the wind and waves to guide him into the future and he has never looked back since. For over 15 years he has devoted his life to kiteboarding and at only 24 years old he says the journey is just starting to get interesting. Jesse has become one of the most renowned and well-rounded riders in the world; with no shortage of accomplishments or awards in big wave, big air and freestyle. This ocean lifestyle started for Jesse long before he knew about it. Joel Richman, Jesse’s father, was a windsurfing lawyer living in Cape Cod Massachusetts who moved to Maui in 1982, shortly after he married Jesses beautiful mother Elaine.  Together they started a family and had three children, Shawn, Jesse, and Eva. From a young age, Shawn and Jesse were drawn to the ocean, they got into surfing, windsurfing and then discovered kiteboarding. What quickly went from a hobby to an obsession turned into the boy’s passion. Both boy’s soon signed endorsement deals in 2003 with legend Robbie Naish of Naish Kiteboarding. The boys traveled with Joel to compete in events, and over time they worked their way up the ranks.


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After years of competing and various injuries, Jesse Richman looked into his future and saw a different path than others had once traveled. Seeing the legendary wave Jaws (aka Pe’ahi) break on only the biggest days of the year was something he watched his entire life. Laird Hamilton ruled the scene at Jaws throughout Jesse’s childhood and told Jesse to never give up. After seeing Laird out on the huge waves ripping it up with no fear, Jesse knew he wanted to one day be out there himself and accepted in the lineup. The chance for this didn’t come to him due to a hectic travel schedule on tour. Until 2011, when Jesse stopped competing full time and switched his focus to riding big waves to follow his passion and for the first time Jesse kitesurfed Jaws as did his hero’s before him. Mind blown by the size and power of the wave, he had found his new obsession.


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As we know kiting at extreme levels can be a very demanding sport on the body and the mind. Jesse Richman has had his fair share of injuries as have many of the top professional kiteboarders.  These guys know what happens when you push the limits, and there is no avoiding it altogether. However, they show us that you can do a lot to minimize risk and give yourself the best odds of success; this is achieved through extensive training, both mentally and physically. There is no offseason for a kiteboarder, they are always on the go, searching for extreme conditions, never really knowing when the next big day will come. Jesse spends an average of 4-5 days a week in the gym cross training for the unpredictable turns that lie ahead. He works with a world-class training team to forge a healthy lifestyle. He focuses on being powerful enough to maintain control throughout any trick, flexible enough to take a hard landing, zen enough to get held underwater in huge waves and centered enough to do this on a daily basis. Jesse believes that you can have whatever you want if you are simply willing to do whatever it takes. Jesse who want’s to give back to the world that has given him so much, believes that if we all leave the world better than we found it, that we will live in a beautiful place. This year Jesse has partnered with the Thirst Project to raise money to bring clean water to areas in need. Many communities around the world suffer because they don’t have access to safe drinking water. Through kiting we can make a difference and Jesse will do that this year by raising enough money to build a well with the Thirst Project; one well can support hundreds of people for many years to come and all it takes is a little action in the right direction.


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2nd Red Bull King of the Air


4th Red Bull King of the Air
3rd  Big Air Virgin Kitesurf World Tour Morocco


5th  Red Bull King of the Air


1st 2013 Red Bull King of the Air
2013 AWSI Kiteboarder of the Year


2012 AWSI Kiteboarder of the Year


4th Mauritius Kitesurf Pro Tour stop


Kiteboarding Pro World Tour
1st Overall World Champion
 2nd Overall Waves
1st Overall Kiteloop World Champion
2nd Overall Freestyle
1st Overall Slider World Champion
3rd Overall Racing


Kiteboarding Pro World Tour year ranking:
1st Overall World Champion
1st Overall Freestyle
1st Overall Racing
4th Overall Waves


Hang Time World Record Holder – 22 seconds
1st Big Air Wind Jam San Francisco
Grom of the Year – 2007 Kiteboarder Magazine


1st San Francisco King of the Bay
2nd Velocity Games Corpus Christy Texas


2nd Maui Kite Festival


Jesse Richman MTB


In all aspects of life, Jesse want’s to send it. He see’s the world as a radical place full of opportunity, and he want’s to take us all along for the ride. Last year Jesse Richman partnered with sports technology firm Lufelive to help bring his dream of evolving the world of kiteboarding and philanthropy to life. The partnership will bring together some of the greatest minds in sports, technology and kiteboarding in a collaborative effort to provide the next generation of kiters with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the world of kiting. The web platform will strive to provide its community with front seat access to tips, tricks, training tools and some of the most innovative gear in the industry all provided via the driver’s seat of Jesse and some of the top male and female riders and industry professionals around the globe.

As for Jesse Richman if he is not in the gym training, barreling in a 60ft wave, traveling the world competing in major events, launching off the world’s largest snow caped mountains or crushing the trails at the Whistler bike park, you may find him behind the scenes of his next film, working in LA on his new technology project or sharing a sunset kiting session with the likes of Richard Branson. Wherever he goes, he takes his stoke and passes it out at will, and he is always seeking to take the rest of us along with him for the ride.

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