$5,000 USD

MAUI/X December 5th-9th, 2018


MAUI/X is Jesse Richman’s annual mind, body, and adventure training program on Maui, Hawaii. This experience is designed for business leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, thrill seekers and any who aspire to be such. Those who are interested in exploring rapid self-progression, sharing knowledge, and overcoming the perceived impossible will find themselves amongst the like-minded throughout this adventure.

Over the course of 4 days and 4 nights, we will explore what it takes to bring you to your personal next level, mentally and physically which will, in turn, unlock new possibilities both in the ocean and on land. As we know, our approach to daunting, thrill-filled undertakings is reflective of how we act in most every aspect of life. Dropping into a big wave, facing a board of individuals in a professional setting; taking any physical, mental, financial, emotional risk… the outcome is determined by our initial approach. By having the right mindset and training for one, we can take these acquired skills and use them to achieve success in all.

You will venture through the ocean with a kite in your hand and friends by your side. You will dive deep underwater and explore the world below, witness unforeseen beauty and push the limits of what you thought you were capable. You will traverse the mountainside and drop into wild bike trails, all the while learning hacks to keep you in the zone and understanding more about your flowstate.

Paired with the adventure, is an incredible place to call home at the Lumeria Maui Resort and Spa. Delicious, local foods, oriented to provide you with ultimate wellness and health. Daily training sessions are also implemented so that every morning your body is activated and ready for what’s to come.



Our hand-picked team of professionals includes Extreme-Athletes, Olympic personal trainers, Big-Wave rescue specialists, and free-dive/breathwork experts. These will provide in-depth detail on the strategies and techniques used by Extreme Athletes, Navy Seals, and global business leaders to induce flowstate and reach the ultimate human performance experience.



Learn the essentials when it comes to the ocean, taught by one of the best big wave rescue teams in the world. Fun sessions can turn into life or death situations in a blink of an eye.  Being prepared and knowing what to do makes all the difference.



Activation, activity specific training and recovery are the foundational keys to success and longevity. Every day we will focus on unleashing our bodies and bringing them to their peak performance state coupled with an inspired mindset.



The Lumeria Maui Resort & Spa is situated on the North Shore of Maui, Hawaii with a focus on rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit. Maui’s climate creates an abundance of fresh food year-round. Mango, lilikoi, guava, avocado, papaya are among the 200 species of plants which produce food and grow generously on the property. Our onsite Maui restaurant, The Wooden Crate at Lumeria, prepares farm-to-table meals daily, with greens, fruits, and vegetables sourced on the property. We happily accommodate various diets, from vegan to paleo and everything in between.



Accommodations: 4 Days/ 4 Nights at The Lumeria Maui Resort & Spa; a tranquil luxury hotel situated on Maui’s lush north shore

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner including a variety of healthy fresh island cuisine, alcoholic, and non-alcoholic beverages

Transportation: airport transfers upon your arrival and departure and to and from all group training sessions in a spacious, clean and comfortable vehicle. (Personal rental car is only necessary should participants want to break away from the group.

Kiteboarding Progression: Beginner  – First-time touching a kite to advanced instruction – Professional coaching lead by World Champion Jesse Richman & his team of world-renowned coaches.

Intro to Freediving: breath hold session with professional instruction in a pool and ultimately in the ocean.

Ocean Safety Course: Learn how to read and interpret The ocean conditions and learn what to do when everything goes wrong, taught by big wave rescue specialists.

Mountain Biking – Guided downhill ride on Maui’s most pristine trails.

Functional Training: Learn to warm up and cool down, functional training techniques that can be used before activities and in any gym. Taught by the team of Maui’s World Class Training Facility, Deep Relief/Peak Performance

Flow State Training:  Learn from professional athletes how to prep for Flow, find Flow, stay in Flow and come down from Flow -Your Performance Zone

Gear for Activities: Beginner Kiteboarding Gear, Mountain Bike, Mountain Biking protective wear, and freediving mask and fin.
(Not included gear is: intermediate to advanced kiteboarding gear, short and long wetsuits, mountain biking attire. All gear is available for purchase at a discounted rate or to rent. A comprehensive packing list with by sent to you with all the details and available options.)


We value every member of the community, however, we have limited the event to 30 individuals in order to provide an intimate atmosphere and to insure that each individual in attendance gets one-one-one time to train with Jesse Richman and the High-Performance staff. Outlined below is the application process, please note that places will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Thank you in advanced for your understanding.



Please fill out the quick online application to see if you currently qualify to attend the MAUI/X program in Maui, Hawaii.



Qualified candidates will be scheduled for an short phone call with a MAUI/X team member to discuss details and availability.



The MAUI/X team will review all applicants and select individuals who are the best aligned.