Private Group Programs


BESPOKE/X is the pinnacle of kiteboarding, setting the global standard in private high-end kiteboarding programs. Imagine for a minute landing in one of the most pristine environments our world has to offer, knowing that although you will be engulfed in the luxuries and local delicacies hand crafted for your private adventure, you have also embarked on a journey that will take you to the absolute edge, push you beyond your current limitations and lead you forever into an altered state of being that will allow you to thrive in abundance in everything you do.



Your group will be greeted daily by world champion, professional big wave and big air kiteboarder Jesse Richman and his high-performance staff who will provide a briefing of the adventures ahead. As you finish off your briefing you will be guided through advanced mind and body training to induce flowstates, stimulate your senses and thoroughly prepare you and your group  for the day of adventures ahead.



Get out and ride in Maui’s world-class kiteboarding conditions. Each guest will have a professional coach, specialized training to match your desired progression objectives and scheduled one-on-one with Jesse Richman to focus on achieving the outcome you desire. You will focus on rapid progression techniques, mindset training and pushing your limits to the very edge as we help you discover your true abilities.



The downwinder was designed to induce group flowstate and rapid evolution. Jump into our adventure vehicles, ride up the coast and then explore all the way down. The Downwinder is for everyone that can get up and ride; this is an incredible way to progress fast. Our professional coaches will work with you whatever your level of riding and help progress from the flat water all the way up to the incredible waves Maui has to offer.


Adventure & Exploration

Everyday holds an unimaginable adventure, whether you are kitting the pristine coast lines, high above the land on helicopter tour through the lush mountains, charging down trails on your first-class mountain bike or free-diving and finding peace with Maui’s picturesque wildlife, you will have the comforts of home right by your side.


Reflect & Relax

As the day comes to an end you will be taken to a very special place beloved by the locals of Maui where awaits the islands top private chef and his staff ready to cater to your needs. After experiencing some of the Maui’s most mouth watering cuisine, the only thing left to do is enjoy a cold glass of champaign as you  gaze into the sunset, having the opportunity to reflect and transcend on your accomplishments and the adventures of the day.


How To Request A Private Program

We value the interest from all parties who request a private BESPOKE/X program with Jesse Richman, however, as Jesse is still an active professional athlete, his time is very limited. Programs will be scheduled on a first come first approval basis. Below is the three step process we have developed to insure that we understand your groups mindset, desired outcome and time frame so we can asses which groups we are best aligned to serve and which ones we can provide the most memorable experiences for at this time. We thank you for your interest in attending a private BESPOKE/X program with Jesse Richman and look forward to receiving your groups request.


Online Request

Please fill out the online request form to see if your group currently qualifies for an BESPOKE/X program.



Qualified parties will be scheduled for a discovery session with a BESPOKE/X team member.



The BESPOKE/X team will review all applicants and select groups who are the best aligned at this time.